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New York City’s Finest Moving Companies

Local NYC Moves

From Staten Island to Queens and every borough in-between, we service all NYC neighborhoods.

Long Distance Movers

If you’re moving coast to coast or just hopping a few states over, let us handle your interstate moving logistics.

Cheap Storage Solutions

Find the commercial or residential storage space you need, with on-demand pick-up for utmost convenience.

Pro Movers & Packers

Leave the packing to a team of pros, so boxing up your items is one thing you can check off your list.

Home & Apartment Moving

From brownstones to high rises, find experienced residential movers to handle your relocation.

Commercial Moves

Moving your office might feel like a second job. Leave the extra work to seasoned professionals instead.

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Get Lower Rates

Though finding a low cost provider for your move might sound tempting, the least expensive option isn’t always the best one. Conversely, you don’t have to spend a fortune to find reliable moving help!

Cheap Movers NYC ensures you get both quality service and competitive pricing. We screen local moving companies to ensure they carry the proper licensing and insurance. Then, we put you in touch, so you can get quotes from up to four of NYC’s best. While affordabilty is in our name, excellent service our top priority!


Moves Custom-Designed

Your move looks entirely different from anyone elses’, and so should your moving services. Pick and choose the moving services that cater to your exact needs without going over-budget.

With Cheap Movers NYC you can find full-service moving companies that offer a range of services. Schedule pick-up for your storage unit, arrange for help packing your dishes, or hammer out the moving day logistics with an all-in-one moving solution.


Professional Advice, Tips & Tools

If you’ve done everything in your power to forget your last (dreadful) moving experience, then it might be time for some moving day refreshers. We aim to equip you with the info you need to make your move a delight, rather than a nightmare.

To help, we’ve pulled together top industry tips to help you pull off a successful move. Read through our blog to find out everything from what to pack in your moving essentials box to how to manage living in a tiny Manhattan apartment. With these resources at your fingertips, you’ll be prepared for whatever your moving day brings your way.


Quality is a Must

The moving process is expensive. If you’re forking over hundreds or even thousands of dollars to a professional moving company, then you deserve an amazing moving experience!

There are lots of moving scams that overpromise and under (or never) deliver. We help you avoid these frauds by ensuring you only get contacted by legitimate companies. Before we send moving quotes your way, we check to make sure our moving partners carry valid licensing and insurance. This step keeps your stuff and your money safe during the moving process.


Moving Done Better

Though we have no doubt you could manage the move on your own, why would you want to? Driving a moving truck through the streets of the Big Apple isn’t easy or fun; nor is hauling a couch up five flights of stairs to your no-fee apartment. Trust us.

If you think hiring movers sounds out of your price range, you might be surprised at how inexpensive it can be. Most local moves can be accomplished in as little as 2-3 hours, for a cheap hourly rate. You’ll be glad you spent a little to save yourself a big headache when moving day rolls around!

Five Reasons to Hire Professionals for Your Upcoming Move

As you look ahead to your upcoming move, there are many decisions you must make to ensure the move goes smoothly. These decisions are important to make long before the moving day arrives to help keep your stress level lower on the actual moving day.


One of the most important decisions you’ll make is how you’re going to get all your belongings from your old home to your new one. Though you certainly have several different options, choosing to hire a professional mover to do the work for you is a great decision in many situations. Here are just a few reasons why hiring a professional moving company makes perfect sense.


1. It Saves Valuable Time

One of the most surprising aspects of moving for many people is just how much must be done in a short amount of time. After all, your home is the hub of most of the life you live, and with a move, you’ve got to change many details about that life in short order. 


To ensure all these items are completed correctly, you’ll want to have as much extra time as possible. However, moving a bunch of heavy boxes doesn’t lend itself to freeing up much time for you. So, let someone who knows what they’re doing take care of the time-consuming work while you take care of all the small details.


2. Your Back Will Thank You

Your belongings are heavy. Whether it’s a large piece of furniture or a box full of smaller items, moving to a new home requires a lot of lifting. If you’re not experienced with lifting heavy items on a regular basis, you could put yourself at risk for major back injuries with repercussions that last far beyond the moving day. Let someone else do the heavy lifting, who has the proper tools and knowledge to avoid back strain.


3. They Bring the Right Equipment for the Job

Sometimes, especially if you have a larger house or unusually-large furniture, moving items out can be next to impossible. Navigating staircases is a particularly tricky endeavor for all but the most experienced movers. However, professional movers work smart and hard by utilizing specialized equipment, like appliance dollies and lift straps, to ensure all your stuff is removed easily from your old home and brought into your new one. Without this specialized equipment, you expose yourself to a lot of extra work that you could avoid simply by hiring the pros.


4. They Excel at Packing

You might think you’ll do a better job at packing breakable belongings than a professional, since you have a vested interest in their safe arrival. However, professionals with regular packing experience provide packing results that easily outperform your novice efforts. At the end of the day, letting a professional carefully pack your fragile belongings and securely load them on a truck puts your mind at ease.


5. It’s Just Easier

For an inexperienced mover, hiring a professional to do what you could feasibly do yourself might seem like a waste of money. However, there’s a reason why people who have hired professional movers say it’s some of the best money they’ve ever spent: it’s downright easier to have someone else do this physically exhausting work.  


You might be looking forward to your moving day with a mix of excitement and apprehension. Excitement because you’re starting on a new journey. Apprehension because of all the work that lies ahead. Hiring a mover, however, means you can spend less time worrying about your moving checklist and more time eagerly anticipating the change of scenery.


Get Your Move On

Ultimately, you want to be able to complete your moving process as quickly and smoothly as possible. After all, the goal of a move is to settle into your new home. By hiring a professional mover to work alongside you during this process, you can be sure you’ll get to that end goal much faster.

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Types of Moving Services Available from New York’s Favorite Movers

Cheap Movers NYC helps you find reliable relocation services from the city’s top moving companies. These full-service movers lend a helping hand with just about anything you could need during the moving process:


Hourly Moves

Most movers charge an hourly rate for local New York moving services. Whether you want help for a few hours packing up your moving boxes or just need day-of assistance loading your moving truck or transporting your things, we help you find the best NYC movers for you at a low, hourly rate.


Flat-Rate Moves

If you’re moving a long distance, be sure to ask your mover about flat rate pricing. Many moving companies offer a flat-rate quotes for state-to-state or cross country moves, helping you lock in a price at the beginning of the process, so there are no surprises later.


Assistance with Packing/Unpacking & Loading/Unloading

Packing is one of the biggest pain points of the moving process. It means you finally must sort through those heaps of things, like old piles of t-shirts and wedding presents you never used, deciding what to keep and toss. Even after you’ve whittled it down to the essentials, it still takes hours to painstakingly wrap your breakables and get everything neatly tucked away into boxes. Thankfully, with the help of moving professionals, you can pass this tedious task off to someone else. The movers in our network provide packing and unpacking services to smooth your transition and can even help you load or unload a moving truck or storage unit.


Local NYC Moving

If you’re moving somewhere in or around one of the five boroughs, then we’re here to find you the reliable local moving help you needWe work with local moving companies that are appropriately licensed through the New York DOT to ensure you hire a legitimate mover.


Long Distance Relocations

A move a few states away or across the country involves a lot more planning than a move just a few blocks over. Make sure you have the assistance of an experienced moving company by hiring a licensed interstate mover through Cheap Movers NYC.


Residential Moves

Whether home is an updated brownstone on the Upper East Side or a place in SoHo with lots of character, Cheap Movers NYC has all your residential moving needs covered. Find a moving company for everything from packing your place settings to transporting your piano from one apartment to the next.


Commercial & Office Moves

Moving an office, especially in a busy city like New York, takes some doing. When you hire a professional office moving company, you can take a load off and let their team do all the work for you. Work with a designated moving coordinator to map out the moving logistics, then let the movers do the rest!


Storage Space

Storage space is always at a premium in New York City, especially if you live in a cramped apartment like most New Yorkers. Find convenient storage for your extra belongings, seasonal gear, holiday decorations, and more through one of our moving partners. Many of these companies even provide free on-demand pick-up, so you don’t have to hassle with moving things to storage yourself. 


Moving Supplies & Boxes

Moving boxes, packing paper, and other moving essentials can get expensive. Find steep discounts on all the moving supplies you need by getting great prices from your local moving company.


Last Minute Moves

Stressed out about a last-minute move? Whether something just changed with your housing situation or you procrastinated about planning your move, Cheap Movers NYC can help you find movers asap. Many of our movers offer last minute and same day moving services to help you out when you’re in a pinch!