Moving can be extremely exciting, but at the same time quite overwhelming. Even if you can’t wait to move, waves of dread probably ensue at the thought of packing. No matter whether you’re an expert organizer or the type that believes it’s fine as long as everything fits, here are a few genius hacks that will help you get the job done quicker and easier.

Before You Move

Today, there are dozens of apps that can help you stay organized and ahead of the curve during the NYC moving process.

Thanks to a plethora of modern apps, we now have access to incredible tools to help us plan and execute a move. These popular apps can help you create inventory lists, declutter, calculate material requirements, generate packing labels, provide personalized tips, keep timelines, connect you with local professionals and so much more. Martin Pananotov, from, has compiled an excellent review of the top five FREE mobile moving apps.

They are:

  • Move Advisor
  • My Move
  • Move Tool
  • Moving Guru
  • Sortly

First Night

It is a good idea to pack a couple of “First Night” or “Priority” boxes. One should contain all your valuables and important documents. The other should be filled with more practical items. These boxes should be personally transported by you on moving day to ensure that they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Remember you will probably be walking into a completely empty place. Most of the items we take for granted, such as toilet paper, personal hygiene items or cleaning supplies, won’t be there. Decide what your immediate needs will be and prepare a clearly marked container. Some very useful items, other than those already mentioned, include:

  • basic tools and hardware
  • extension cords
  • pillows and covers
  • towels and wash clothes
  • change of clothes
  • first aid kit and prescription medications

Tape It On

When disassembling furniture, always have a Ziploc bag handy. Fill it with all the hardware and tape to the underneath or back sides of the major piece. This will prevent missing pieces or having to conduct a scavenger hunt during the rebuild. This is also a great tip to prevent losing the remote.

Easy Color Coding

Trend setting organizers like Nancy Haworth, from Ontask Organizing, use an array of bright duct tape to quickly color code each packing box to the room which it belongs. Just don’t forget to create a key sheet to hang up by your new entrance, directing everyone to the proper room. Otherwise, you may spend most of the day sorting through a rainbow heap of boxes.

Formulate a plan for your move. Consider organization tricks like color coding your boxes by room to make unpacking a breeze.

Snap It

Photograph the back of all your electronics and appliances before disconnecting them. Also get close-ups of the connections. Once you are ready to reconnect everything, simply refer back to the photos.


These few tips can truly make the difference between a chaotic experience or one free of stress and frustration. You will be amazed at how much smoother your move will go. So relax and enjoy settling into your new home.

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