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Are you making a Brooklyn Move? Whether you are a longtime resident moving down the street, or a newcomer to the area, we want to be the first to welcome you to Brooklyn. Finding a reliable mover in this part of town can sometimes be a frustrating and exhausting experience. That’s where we come in!

Cheap Movers NYC works hard to find you local movers who are legal and licensed to perform household moves to, from, and within the Big Apple. We also make sure these companies carry insurance, so you’re protected on the off-chance some thing goes wrong.

Full-Service Move

Moving in a city as busy and bustling as New York might seem extra stressful. Not only do you have to combat terrible street parking and (several) flights of stairs on moving day but prepping for the move poses its own challenges. Have you thought about having to haul your moving supplies home on the subway, just to start packing? Cheap Movers NYC helps you find full service movers who can go to all the effort for you! Not only will they worry about driving and parking the moving truck and hauling stuff up and down flights of stairs, but these movers will also bring all the boxes, tape, packing peanuts, and other materials needed to snuggly pack your items for the move.

Hourly Moves

Maybe you’ve already gotten things packed, but don’t have a way to transport them and don’t have the confidence or desire to drive a U-Haul through the streets of New York. Now’s the time to call in some hourly moving muscle. Through Great Guys, you can find some friendly folks to help you with whatever you need, at an affordable hourly price. From transporting your belongings to the next high-rise to helping you load a storage unit, these guys take all care of your moving needs for less.

Budget-Friendly Services

Even a simple move a few blocks over can get expensive! Our goal is to help you find the best deals of moving services in Brooklyn. How do we do it? We work with some of the top-rated local moving companies to find you reputable moving help. These companies provide you with free rates, so you can quickly shop and compare to find the cheapest help! By finding you the best rates on movers, we help you keep that moving budget in-check.

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If you’re trying to find a reputable moving company in NYC, now it is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3! Our network of movers offers incredibly affordable moving services built to serve you. That means that they treat your items with care and precision for a price that your wallet will love. Remember that finding a moving company should be the easiest part of the move. With Cheap Movers NYC, we’re here to help show you that the only thing “cheap” about our service is the price!

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