Relocating is taxing emotionally, mentally, and of course, physically. Moving furniture is the most physically demanding aspect of the process, and the idea of doing it might be doubling your stress!

You need a guarantee that your valuable furniture won’t sustain damage during the move. We have vetted the best NYC furniture moving companies you can trust to execute furniture moving with excellence. Skip the stairs, the tight hallways, and the pure exhaustion of furniture moving. Our expert furniture movers will ensure the safe relocation of your belongings.

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Furniture Moving In NYC

What are you dreading most above moving day? Perhaps it is handling your washer and dryer, antique items, or grand piano. Maybe you’re concerned about temporary storage needs or cross-country furniture shipments.

The condition, value, size, and weight of your belongings aside – our highly qualified NYC moving companies do it all. They can help you with any need or possession that is worrying you.

In-Home Furniture Moving & Staging

Whether you are rearranging your own home or staging one, furniture arrangement is a big job for you and your loved ones. We recommend hiring experienced NYC furniture movers who do this every day. They will move and rotate your oversized couch, heavy paintings, and dressers until you are entirely satisfied with the final look.

Local Furniture Moving In New York City

Our mission at Cheap Movers NYC is finding you budget-friendly furniture movers who will give you a smooth moving experience. The movers you select will affect your entire move, and we want to help you choose the right crew. We have already found caring full-service professionals who will customize your relocation to suit your needs.

Interstate And Cross Country Furniture Moves

Cross country moves are no joke, but as long as you find the right New York furniture moving company, you will have an enjoyable adventure! Our cross country furniture movers are licensed and insured and offer accurate moving quotes so you can determine which services will fit into your budget. They can help you decide which add-ons will be most helpful to you, from storage solutions to packing assistance.

Moving A Gun Safe

Protecting your people is essential to you, and so is protecting your home! Moving a gun safe is hazardous to walls and floors due to its weight and bulk, but our pros know what to do. They will securely relocate your gun safe to your new home base.

Shipping A Single Piece Of Furniture

Relocating brings on a whole host of unusual complications, and you may find yourself needing odd services like shipping a single piece of furniture. You’d be surprised by the vast array of services our excellent NYC furniture movers provide, and we encourage you to share your concerns with them! Our resourceful experts can ship one or more pieces of furniture.

Couches And Sofas

A lovely sectional is the centerpiece of a comfortable living room, but it becomes a painful burden on moving day. Your couch, sofa, or sectional was a significant investment. That’s why you should delegate your stress elsewhere and entrust our experienced New York movers to gently disassemble, carefully move, and flawlessly reassemble your couch or sofa.

Specialty Items

Our skilled crews move exercise equipment, refrigerators, hot tubs, pianos, and more. Everyone’s got at least a few belongings that seem next-to-impossible to relocate – but you can’t part with your custom bed or antique sideboard, now can you? Our NYC furniture moving companies know how to pack, pad, crate, and transport items of every shape and size without a hitch.

Office Furniture

Efficiency is essential in business. Our office furniture movers guarantee to minimize interruptions while you get settled. They’ll protect every bulky, valuable, and sensitive office piece, and move them to their new home with the safest equipment so you can get back to business.

Antiques And Vintage Furniture Pieces

Antique and vintage furniture pieces hold dear memories and sentimental value, but that value is precisely what makes them difficult to move. Fortunately, our experienced New York furniture movers know how to safeguard your fragile belongings and maintain their perfect condition during your move.

Furniture Storage

Our furniture pros offer full-service moves – that includes complete packing, disassembly, reassembly, transportation, and storage services. Our well-trained crews provide different solutions to temporary and long-term furniture storage needs and will be flexible and accommodate your needs.

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Trust Our Furniture Moving Companies To Get The Job Done

Our NYC furniture moving companies implement the most appropriate moving techniques for each unique furniture piece. They get the job done quickly and carefully, all while keeping your budget in mind.

  • Tools and Equipment: Furniture dollies, ratchet straps, forearm forklifts, rope, and twine… there’s a lot of moving equipment you’ll need to purchase – unless you hire the experts! The best New York City furniture movers will arrive on the scene with all of the equipment, packing supplies, and more, making your move easy and efficient.
  • Protection for Your Home: Imagine devaluing your home in the process of relocating – what a nightmare! Unfortunately, it happens all the time while sliding bulky furniture downstairs and squeezing dressers through doorframes. You protect your home and your possessions when you hire the experts to do the heavy lifting because they go above and beyond to protect your flooring, walls, and more.
  • Taking Apart and Disassembling Large Pieces: Is there anything worse than breaking down armoires, headboards, and entertainment centers so that they will fit through the door? Don’t try to do it all yourself – our New York furniture moving companies can do the disassembly in addition to the moving.
  • Padding and Wrapping Furniture: It is critical to use quilted pads and durable blankets on your belongings throughout the moving process. Your NYC furniture moving company will bring the right materials and pad your furniture perfectly to prevent scratching, peeling, and bumping.
  • Delivery, Reassembly, and Arranging Furniture: Your professional moving staff can provide you with a full-service move. They can disassemble, pack and pad, ship or transport, reassemble, and arrange furniture. Your new home can be exactly how you pictured it within hours, and you won’t have to spend weeks whipping it into shape.

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