Moving to a new office isn’t easy. Aside from the obvious difficulty of packing up all the necessary items into boxes, an office move is also time-consuming. It can take days or even weeks to complete, especially if the company tries to handle the logistics in-house. Time spent handling the move detracts from serving customers and affects the bottom line.

Hiring a commercial mover can help. Commercial movers offer not only the benefit of a trained, professional crew that can handle all the heavy lifting for you, but they can also get you set up in your new office and running in a short amount of time. Contact Cheap Movers NYC to find New York moving services that specialize in commercial relocations! We’ll get you moved quickly so you can get back to business.

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Commercial Moving Process

Moving from one office to another is very different than moving from a home to another home. With more people involved and a greater volume of stuff to move, the process might feel complicated. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be.

Start by contacting Cheap Movers NYC to find a mover that’s licensed to provide office moving services. We’ll connect you with an agent who will discuss your needs and provide you with a ballpark moving estimate. Next, we’ll schedule a walkthrough of your facility and provide a more precise quote. Then, you will work with an assigned moving coordinator to make sure that all your requirements are met. Your coordinator plans every step of the process, so the move goes off without difficulties.

After you schedule your moveyou can focus on running your business. The moving company takes care of the rest! Be ready to meet the movers at the new location so that you can oversee the installation of any equipment and ensure the layout of your new office is exactly as you want. If you need to store some of your office items in a different area until the office is ready to have everything else moved into it, commercial movers often have storage facilities with 24hour surveillance.

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NYC’s Best Office Movers

Most commercial movers offer services that include office moves, corporate moves, and specialty moving services for computers and electronics.

Office Moves

A well-planned move is paramount to getting your office back up and running, with the least impact to your profits. With the expertise of professionals and convenience of your own moving coordinator, you’ll be done moving in no time!

Corporate Relocations

If you’re moving a key employee instead of the whole office, then check out corporate relocation services! Cheap Movers NYC can help plan local or long distance relocations for your employees.

Specialty Services

Pro moving companies know that your computers and equipment are the life blood of your company. When completing your specialty move, the movers take extra care to ensure these items are not damaged in transit. They’ll work swiftly to install and set up the computer systems, put bulky equipment into place, and set-up conference tables and cubicles for you.

By offering services like computer installation, appliance installation, and other options, professional movers can help you have your company back up and running in no time at all. No one better understands how valuable time is than a mover. If you find yourself in need of professional moving services, reach out! Cheap Movers NYC will find you a qualified company that can help you take your office from one location to another with everything intact.

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