Moving is one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through, which is why it helps to hire professionals to assist! Trying to figure out everything involved with the move as well as juggling other aspects of life at the same time gets overwhelming. One of the toughest things about moving is all the time it takes to pack. Endless amounts of boxes and time spent going through your things adds up. Then, there’s the stress of loading up the moving truck and driving it to your destination. If you’d rather leave these time-consuming and stressful tasks to the professionals, then contact Cheap Movers NYC. We help you find residential moving services to make the transition from your home or apartment seamless!

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Cheap Movers NYC brings you licensed, insured residential movers in the New York metro area to assist with all your moving needs:


Hiring a moving professional to help with packing eliminates some of the headaches of moving. Knowledgeable movers ensure that your things are properly packed and arrive safe and sound to their destination.

Disassembly & Reassembly

One part of the moving process that is often overlooked, is disassembly and reassembly of furniture items such as sleeper sofas, beds, tables, etc. These tasks often require tools and an extra set of hands. Items such as bunk beds with lots of parts can prove especially frustrating. Let the skilled hands of professionals assist with taking apart and putting together your furniture during the move.


The labor aspect of the move is extremely tough on one’s body if you’re not used to such physical exertion. It is better to let moving professionals handle moving heavy items rather than risk injuring yourself by trying to do it on your own.


Moving professionals are trained on how to properly load a moving truck. They ensure that all items are properly protected, and they use straps to secure items for the move. Renting a truck and packing it yourself may seem like a good idea, but you might regret the decision once the truck loading process begins.


Once the moving truck is at your new home, all that’s left to do is unload and unpack. Unloading is tricky and requires organization to make the unpacking process simpler.


Once the truck is unloaded, the final step is unpacking. You may or may not want assistance in this process, but it’s recommended that you consider a moving professional especially for heavy or fragile items. Many times, do-it-yourself movers have an accident occur during the final steps of a move due to an improper load/unload or carelessness during unpacking.

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When you look at the entire moving process, it might feel like it’s too much for you to handle on your own. However, moving professionals take things one step at a time to ensure that the packing, disassembling, loading, unloading, reassembly, and unpacking all go smoothly. Eliminate the stress and headache of relocation by contacting a moving pro for your next move. Contact Cheap Movers NYC to get a free quote on your move!

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